3 Cheaper and High-Quality Watches for Men

Watches are lifetime fashion items. Watches are one of the many fashion items that are still in high demand. Watches play a bigger role in our daily fashion, besides the function of it as a time signal.

Watches or in some places also known as a timepiece is a time signal that first popularized in the 16th century according to Wikipedia. The oldest watches owned by British Queen Elizabeth 1 created by Robert Dudley in 1571.

Now, there are a lot of watches manufacturers that offer a wide variety watches. The price of the watches also varied, you can find the cheapest to the most expensive watches. It's all up to your taste and budget.

As we know, expensive watches means it has a sophisticated design and great material applied for the watches.

If you do not have enough money to buy expensive and sophisticated watches, do not be sad. There still a lot of high-quality watches with reasonable prices in the market. You just have to know what is the high-quality watches that suits you.

1. Seiko Chronograph SNDA13P1 Divers 200m Stainless Steel Bracelet

Seiko Chronograph SNDA13P1 Divers 200m Stainless Steel Bracelet

Seiko watches bring modern classic theme. Seiko is watch manufacturer that has been known since 125 years ago. It's no doubt that the watch is a high-quality watch. It has a cool design and also water-resistant watch, so if you love diving, it's a right watch for you.

This watches can withstand being underwater, as deep as 200 meters, and is able to calculate how much oxygen is left in the canister oxygen. This series also has excellent strength, because it uses Hardlex glass.

Hardlex glass is a hardened mineral crystal that has a very powerful force, and of course scratch resistant.

For now, the Seiko chronograph divers SNDA13P1 values approximately 4.5 million the market.

2. Casio Edifice ERA-200DB-steel 1A9DR

Casio Edifice ERA-200DB-steel 1A9DR

If you keen of watches with a sporty and elegant look, Casio Edifice ERA-200DB-steel 1A9DR is the right choice for you. The design of this watch is very modern. It's an analog chronograph watches from Casio.

This watch also features world time, timers, alarms and 24-hour mode. If you want to have it, you can just prepare a budget around 5.5 million.

3. Unisex Alexander Christie-BFBRGBA ACF 2438

Unisex Alexander Christie-BFBRGBA ACF 2438

The price of the Alexander Christie is lower than both of watches, we have discussed. But, the quality of it can still be reckoned. It has an elegant design and has good strength.

It made of stainless steel and Chrystal glass that has a very clear look. It is certainly anti-scratch. You can get this watch with 2.1 million.

Those are 3 exceptionally watches with reasonable prices. Hopefully, this article can help you be more stylish and modern with a high-quality and appealing watch.